Promotion and announcement tools, character goods, etc.
We produce a wide range of productions.


We are working in total in both the fields of graphics and the Web, from planning to design and production. It can be produced in a variety of media such as corporate logos, business cards, DM, flyers, packages, restaurant menus, billboards, web site design, LP, banners, etc.

We produce advertisements and promotional goods of various media, regardless of genre.

  • フライヤー


    Flyers are particularly in high demand.
    We can respond to a wide range of purposes according to the purpose.

  • DM(ダイレクトメール)


    We mainly pursue the effect of appeal within a limited space, such as announcements and event guidance.

  • パッケージ


    Such as packages that require special processing, it is possible to produce in various sizes and forms.

  • 名刺

    Business Card

    We accept designs and printing of business cards, shop cards, stamp cards, etc.

  • ウェブサイトデザイン pho

    Website Design

    We produce websites, LP, etc with responsive (smart phone and tablet support).

  • イベントブース

    Event Booth

    We design the panels necessary for events such as exhibitions and seminars.

  • キャラクターグッズ

    Character Goods

    We have consistently received orders from the planning of original goods to design and production.