We will support our independence under the foundation of peace of mind.


A franchise is a business model in which the headquarters and merchants enter into franchise agreements and merchants provide services with direct guidance from the headquarters. The "Fukuteba" franchise has a full support system. You can start with confidence.

Because the follow before and after opening is substantial, even beginners can start with peace of mind.

Opening support

  • Presentation of earnings model simulation

  • Help you to find a Excellent real estate property

  • Production of various tools such as promotional products and menus

  • Guidance on basic knowledge of management and management methods

ふく手羽 佐賀店入口

"Fukuteba" Saga store

ふく手羽 店内

Store with a good vibe,Secret Taste,A well-equipped environment...
Why don't you take a new step in the stage of "Fukuteba"?


Original character "Teba Musume"

ふく手羽 メニュー
If you want to opening a restaurant alone, for example it will take a lot of effort, time, and money to prepare for opening a restaurant.
usually is required decide on a store genre or policy, gather information, find a real estate property, create menus and recipes, advertise, and recruit people you work with.
In that respect, if you are a franchise, you have everything you need, such as operational know-how and tools in advance, and you don't need to prepare anything that is annoying, so you can start with a small cost.

Follow-up after opening

  • Advertising, introduction, and campaign announcements in paper, WEB and SNS media

  • New menu suggestions

  • Advice on store management

  • Providing information to increase the number of visits and improve profit margins

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As it is a well-known "Fukuteba" chain store, it has the great merit that it is easy to familiarize itself with the local area and it is easier to acquire customers than it is to spread from unknown stores.

After opening, in addition to the management know-how and management advice that have been successful in many stores, to prevent new customer acquisition and customer departure,various events are also held regularly, such as regular campaigns using SNS and gift plans.

These efforts have led to an increase in the number of visitors and sales, and we will continue to actively pursue them in the future.

In the franchise business, there is a tendency to increase the profit margin from repeat customers, so you can expect stable income.


Guide to the "Fukuteba" Franchise

Flow to the opening

You don't need to worry , so you can concentrate on your preparation.
  • STEP 01
    Contact us

    First of all, please feel free to contact us if you want to know what it is or if you have not thought about opening it yet, but you just want to hear the story.

  • STEP 02
    Shop Tour

    Please take a look at the store and consider it. (Reservations must be made in advance.)

  • STEP 03
    License Agreement

    After confirming the contents of the contract and the notes, we will conclude the license agreement after you are satisfied.

  • STEP 04
    Determining the real estate property

    We will help you find the best real estate property in the area you want.

  • STEP 05
    Preparation for opening

    ・Meeting with contractors
    ・Checking the preparation contents of the opening manual.
    ・Application for business license (health center, etc.)
    ・Training at physical stores
    ・Part-time job recruitment (at the head office. )

  • STEP 06
    Construction completed

    ・ Handover of the property
    ・Fixtures Layout, arrangement, etc.

  • STEP 07
    material procurement

    Arrange necessary equipment and ingredients (with purchase order)

  • STEP 08
    Before opening
    Final Simulation

    imulate a series of flows
    〇Customer service 〇Cooking 〇Serving 〇Role allotment 〇Setup, etc.

  • STEP 09

    Operation start

If you want to know more about the "Fukuteba" franchise,
Please contact us from here.