We stare at the tomorrow of "beauty" and "health".


Oem stands for "OriginalEquipment Manufacturer".
It is a company that manufactures or manufactures products from other brands.
We handle a variety of products, including supplements and health foods, mainly cosmetics.

We are working in total from planning and development of OEM products to sales.
We also support companies that are interested in OEM.

  • In the field of cosmetics, we will help you to make your daily life beautiful and enriched by developing and providing high-quality products that meet the safety standards in pursuit of beauty.

    We also put particular effort into the field of supplements and health foods.
    Everyone wants to be beautiful and healthy forever.
    We plan, develop and sell beauty and health products so that we can realize this wish.
    In order to be beautiful, we believe that it is important to be healthy first, and we develop products so that we can support them from inside and outside the body.
    I am confident that these initiatives will lead to your youth and confidence.


    We are also developing a variety of original products, including our own brand GLORIE, and we would like to continue to provide products that support your beauty and health in conjunction with OEM.

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